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learning to paint with watercolour

First Steps in Watercolour

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So in 2016 I'm starting this journey to learn how to paint with watercolours. I've been taking photographs for about six years now, but I have barely any experience with painting apart from some basic lessons years ago in school, and tips from my Dad who has been painting with watercolour and acrylic for quite some time. So this will be quite the challenge, but a fun one I hope.

I got the pan set you see in this photo a long time ago, but only recently have I decided to take it out with the real intention of learning how to paint. Over the last week I've been reading and watching as many tutorials as I can find, trying to get my head around the basics of using these paints. They're trickier to use than it appears in so many tutorials I've watched, but experimentation and practice has already helped a little!

I love abstract and loose images created with this medium, so I'll lean towards that style while trying to learn some solid basics of more straight forward painting and sketching. This little vase of tulips was inspired by Andrew Gleeson's tutorial on YouTube: Simple Loose Watercolor Tulips. It's not a great painting, but it's a start and I learned a lot while creating it!

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